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Dance Films

John T Williams Screendance Filmmaker
"The Last Dance"

A dancer faces the challenges of a terminal disease and questions the meaning of her suffering. Powerfully choreographed and performed by Ana da Costa.


“Jilava” tells the story of a foreign missionary held prisoner at the infamous Romanian Communist prison, “Jilava” in the 1950’s.  Can his faith survive twelve years of persecution and torture? Will Communism break his soul? Powerfully choreographed and performed by Taiwanese-American Ommi Pipit-Suksun and Cuban-American Rudy Candia.

"Four Stages of Collapse"

Four Stages of Collapse” is a social-political film which portrays a Totalitarian regime that suppresses basic human rights, criminalizes religion, and eliminates diversity. Is this happing in the world today?  The film is powerfully choreographed and performed by world-renowned Jabbawockeez dancer Tony Tran with dramatic scenes by Ilka Urbach, Herman Sinitzyn and Mary Jane Wells.


A scene from my dance film, "2412". A thought-provoking film based on the G. Edward Griffin interview with EX-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov discussing ideological subversion in the United States and how Marxist ideology is deconstructing America's values, destabilizing the economy, and provoking crises. The film is beautifully choreographed and performed by award winning choreographer/dancer, Lisa Lock.

"American Overture"

Short clip from "American Overture" which celebrates American diversity, culture, freedom, art, innovation and equality set in a collage of iconic surreal imagery. Written, Produced and Directed by John T. Williams. Choreography by Shannon Roberts with performances by San Francisco Ballet dancers Shannon Roberts, Luke Willis and Nutnaree Pipit-Suksun. Director of Photography, James Tucker.

"Black Train is Coming"

“Black Train is Coming” is based on the 1926 sermon, “Death’s Black Train is Coming” by Rev J.M Gates, one of the most prolific black preachers in the United States. Many of his sermons were strong warnings of the hellish punishments that awaited sinners. The film blends this old time sermon with modern day Flex and Turf dance style featuring ENinja and Joyntz from Turf Feinz of Oakland, California.

"The Big Race"

"The Big Race" is a surreal comedy spoof dance film about the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and Russian collusion. Set in a world of giant TV’s, talking flowers and dancing Ravens, two mannequins discuss the controversial race between Mr. Tortoise and Ms. Rabbit after allegations surface that the race was rigged by the ravens.

"Nocturne" (Live performance)

"Nocturne" Written and Produced by John T. Williams with choreography by Paul Russell and performances by Christopher Boatwright (San Francisco Ballet), Amelia Holst, Marina Hotchkiss and Gil Anderson (Alonzo King LINES Ballet). World Premiere at Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, California.

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